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Relationships and the language of love

In relationship counselling there is a common theme of one or both feeling unloved and unappreciated within the relationship. It is really tough when one person says to the other “I am not feeling loved”, this generally leads to the receiver of the news to feel confused as they believe that they show/tell their partner that they love them all the […]

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Relationship Counselling Cairns

What is relationship counselling?   Many couples for a variety of reasons, seek relationship counselling during their relationship. It doesn’t always need to be when they are in conflict about something that they cannot get through it can also be part of maintaining a healthy relationship.  When we enter into a relationship we are two […]

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What is Couples Counselling?

One of the most beneficial forms of counselling is couples counselling yet many people feel that to seek counselling in what is a normal relationship, means that they are failing at being a couple. The exact opposite is actually true. When we become a couple we are merging together two different belief systems, two different […]

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