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What is Art Therapy?
Art Therapy and releasing the trauma Art Therapy is a term used to cover many forms of therapy that allow the[...]
Behaviour Management
What is Behaviour Management? Behaviour management is the process of putting in place strategies to recognise and acknowledge positive behaviour[...]
What is Clay Field therapy?
Clay Field Therapy is part of a range of initiatic art therapies utilised by counsellors and therapists. Clay Field Therapy is[...]
Vision Board Workshop
    Our vision board workshops are not only a fun way to meet others but a fantastic way to[...]
Teenage depression
What is teenage depression? Depression is a mental illness that affects many people of all ages and in varying degrees. [...]
Book Review – Sam Gets Two Homes
Review written by Warren F, Cairns QLD Sam Gets Two Homes written by Donna Mahoney is a book that Donna[...]
Behaviour Modification
Behaviour modification What is behaviour modification? Behaviour modification is the process of recognising undesirable behaviours and teaching and encouraging alternative[...]
Inspirational Books – The Nurtured Woman Series
Over the past 18 months I have taken part in The Nurtured Woman collaborative book series.  The books are written[...]
Sam gets two homes
'Sam Gets Two Homes' is told by 10 year old Sam. When he and his sister Kimmy get home from[...]
Anger Management – dealing with teenage anger
Teenage Anger and how to deal with it Teenage anger can be extremely hard for parents to live with and deal[...]
Relationships and the language of love
In relationship counselling there is a common theme of one or both feeling unloved and unappreciated within the relationship. It is[...]
Art Therapy and Mask Making
Art therapy and mask making are just some of the modalities we use at Innate Personal Development & Counselling to assist[...]
Affirmations Workshop
Our Affirmations Workshop is a friendly, stress free environment where we work together to create your personalised affirmations to guide[...]
Bullying Facts
Bullying fact 1. Bullying is not the same as the teasing we know of in a silly schoolyard situation where[...]
Self-Esteem in Children
Within my work as a child, adolescent and family counsellor I come across children and young people who have a[...]
Basic respect for others
I am sitting here wondering what can I write today to start off my blogging experience and I get a[...]

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